Davor Štern at LSC

The London School of Commerce, Belgrade, is proud to present the Leadership Forum with Mr. Davor Štern that will take place on Dec 13th 2013, at 6 p.m. at the LSC facility.

Mr. Davor Štern is director and owner of Trade Consulting a consulting company based in Zagreb, Croatia. Mr. Stern is also President of TriGranit Zagreb which is part of the international company TriGranit Development Corporation - one of the largest property developers in Europe. TriGranit Zagreb is currently building the future 3rd generation shopping-entertainment centre, “Arena Centar” in Zagreb.

Mr. Stern has previously worked in the oil sector managing the Croatian national oil company INA as a CEO from 1997-2000. Prior to that he was serving as a Minister for Trade, Energy and Industry in the Croatian government from 1995-1997. Mr. Stern was also a vice minister for foreign affairs in 1994, has extensive experience in the Russian energy sector, was senior vice president of TNK Russia and member of the board of CNPC Kazakhstan.

The focusing questions of the Forum:

• The number one economic problem in Serbia is lack of job growth and high levels of unemployment - as a former Minister of Trade and Energy and the former CEO of INA what would you do to stimulate growth and therefore jobs?

• Is there potential in the energy sector for this growth strategy?

• How does Russian/Serbian relations pay a part in the oil/gas sector and its possible growth?

• How do you see Croatia/Serbia relations improving economically - is there potential for more in particular sectors?

H. E. Ambassador William D. Montgomery will be a special guest of the event as a moderator.