Transfer to London

Among many advantages that LSC offers to its students, there is a very unique opportunity to transfer from the Belgrade campus to any of the LSC international campuses form the list below:

• London
• Colombo
• Dhaka
• Kuala Lumpur
• Jakarta
• Hong Kong

Where ever you would like to go, it would definitely add value to your British experience as well as the MBA program itself.
The most important thing to be mentioned is that this opportunity is available to all LSC students at no additional cost and many students find this favourable opportunity to be a great touch to their LSC experience.

As they travel a lot, MBA executives find this option very convenient and relaxing at the same time. If they know that work will bring them to London on a particular date, executive students are able to look up the module that is held at the same date in order to attend it. This way, they do not have to cancel their trip or the module.

Full Time MBA students can also listen to any of the 3 semesters in any of the above mentioned campuses. Also, they can choose to write their dissertation overseas.

One program - many possibilities!

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