Experience the diversity

Experience the diversity of 130 different nationalities

Diversity at LSC Belgrade means more than geographic, racial or ethnic differences.

Creating a welcoming environment where people are open to learning from one another lays the foundation. We grow through conversations and experiences with people who have different beliefs and come from other places, cultures, and backgrounds.

London School of Commerce encourages diversity in so many ways. We are extremely proud of the way in which we are constantly shifting our marketing and recruitment focus towards different, often new places in the world. These places are a wonderful source of new ideas, cultures, points of view as well as different racial and geographical identities.

Right from the start, when a foreign student opens the door of our campus, he/she becomes part of our LSC family. We help them with everything, from housing, transportation, and restaurant suggestions, to the all crucial things regarding their educational prosperity. We exchange the ideas and thoughts on books, professors, and classes ensuring that we answer all their questions. We are sure that students experience a positive atmosphere and - more importantly - feel welcome and and willing to come back.

With its headquarters in London, LSC has successfully managed to open and run six other campuses; Belgrade, Colombo, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong. LSC representative offices are very active all over the world: Accra, Bangkok, Bogota, Chennai, Der es Salaam, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minch City, Istanbul, Kolkata, Lagos, Mumbai, New Delhi, Rawalpindi, Tbilisi, Ulan Bator, Yaoundé, and many more.