Ernst & Young Workshop

Ernst & Young Workshop

The London School of Commerce, Belgrade is proud to announce Ernst & Young Workshop. We are honoured to have the top EY management team choose us for their training sessions. Mr Stephen Fish, Director will greet the attendees. The workshop will be held on March 14th, 2014 at Noon. The LSC Belgrade’s students will be involved in exercises such as self-time management and job interview techniques.

The focus of the Workshop:

EY Workshop „Self- Time Management”
The most valuable resource today is “Time”. We are very often in position to use our free time in dealing with low priority activities and therefore it usually seems that day is too short to achieve all of our initially planned aims. The main potential for successful grow in business and carrier depends on our ability to effectively manage with our time.
Participants of the EY workshop “SELF-TIME MANAGEMENT” will have the opportunity to learn, among others:

- Why is self-time management one of the crucial skills both in professional and other life circumstances;

- Self-discipline in self time management;

- The Covey time management matrix;

- The most efficacies methods and techniques in organization of self-time management and priorities;

- How to recognize and deal with the situations that waste our time.

EY Workshop “Job interview – how to prepare”
The Workshop ‘’Job interview – how to prepare”, is conceived in the way to meet the real situation on how the job interview is organized in international companies. The concept brings benefits in the way of how candidate should be prepared for job interview, how to present it’s own strength and experience, how to deal with unpleasant questions, how to deal with “hidden’’ unpleasant questions, how to avoid common mistakes. In order to better understand needs and importance of the employer requirements and to empower the way of communication skills, students themselves will have the opportunity to be placed in an employer role.

In order to attend the Workshop, please inform the office or contact Martina Petrić directly by March 10th, 2014.