English Afternoon Tea Party

English Afternoon Tea Party

We are really glad to inform you that on November 5th 2013, Belgrade’s senior lecturer Lynne Montgomery hosted the English Afternoon Tea Party at the London School of Commerce. The LSC used this event as the kick-off of the new idea of teaming up with different partners that will join forces with the LSC marketing team during the student recruitment process.

The host of the event, Mrs. Montgomery, talked mostly about the LSC group and the LSC Belgrade office. Also the lecturer touched upon the LSC mission and vision to everyone attending. Most importantly future plans and goals were discussed with the present partners and they were clearly informed about their future roles. Moreover, each of our marketing team members explained the appraisal system as well as the student application process.

The organization of the event had two different agendas and the LSC succeed in accomplishing both of them. The first reason for organising the British Tea Hour is for all tea lovers as well as the education supporters to get together and share their experience on different topics. The other agenda was the presentation of the LSC contract to the future partners and the explanation of all the possible ways of becoming the part of our global education system.

We are proud to announce that we have succeeded in both. We had an amazing time talking to everyone present, but we are also very happy to announce that most of the people who attended officially became our partners as well as the members of our global education family.

British Tea Parties are definitely something that we will organize more often, and we do hope that we will see many new faces at the future LSC events.