Programme Overview

The London School of Commerce (LSC), in association with Cardiff Metropolitan University, offers Doctorate Courses in London.

PhDs are awarded for the development of new theory through original research. PhD candidates are required to undertake training in research methods, to attend research seminars and to design and implement research to enable them to generate significant new knowledge in their subject area. The research is presented in a thesis not exceeding 100,000 words and the student must satisfy the examiners in a viva voce examination. Research project approval, and student progression, are subject to university research regulations.

Whilst the Doctorate programme is focused on individual research and learning, students are required to attend a research methods course and a monthly seminar. They are also required to meet with their Research Supervisor every two weeks to review their progress and their Director of Studies bi-monthly.

The award of a PhD qualification is based on acceptance of the final dissertation and satisfactory performance in a viva voce examination.

LSC Application