Benefits and Impact

The programme, which is at academic level 7 under the UK FHEQ, is designed for those who hold the equivalent of a UK Honours Bachelors degree in a business related subject, or for other appropriate applicants, who wish to enhance their cognitive abilities and applied skills, and their professional and career opportunities.

The programme includes topics, which will develop students’ understanding and ability to manage business processes, procedures and principles, together with enhancing the student’s critical view of those strategic and operational contexts which make up the modern business environment. The principal aim of the programme is therefore to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills and potential to become successful managers and business professionals in a variety of contexts and subject options within the global business environment.

More generally the MBA programme aims to:

• Develop the existing knowledge, appropriate experiences, and skills of students to enable them to become effective managers and enable them to play a leading role in industry, and/or the professions and/or public service;

• Add value to the participants first degrees, and/or further degrees and/or their significant work experience through developing an integrated and critically aware understanding of the role of managers in business and business contexts;

• Enable the student to become a reflective practitioner – able to make practical decisions based upon an understanding of academic content and processes as well as practical experience and thus having the ability to unite theory and practice;

• Encourage students objectively to analyse their personal competences and opportunities for self development and thus build on the learning arising out of the programme;

• Facilitate his/her personal, academic and professional development.

LSC Application