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The LSC MBA for executives programme gave me an access to new knowledge, both academic and practical, especially in the areas of Marketing, International Business, International Marketing and Entrepreneurship. It also brushed up my management skills in HR and Finance, my core competences, and it helped me think and analyse in a more structured and systematic way. It also provided a number of useful contacts of colleagues with whom I share information and advice not only related to studies, but day-to-day business too.

The programme will not only look nice on my CV, but it already gives me new ideas on how to improve management practices in my current job, with visible results. I would like to emphasise that I work on a top management position for a reputable international organization following latest developments in corporate management. However, the LSC MBA for executives programme is of a great support as it stays tuned to the latest academic trends, in terms of both lecturers' efforts and knowledge and materials and topics discussed.

I would like to highly recommend LSC MBA for executives programme in Belgrade for the new prosperous students. The programme is tailor-made for the business people who require setting their own pace of learning and studying, not bound by strict deadlines. The programme gives you as much as you want to take from it, but is also encourages you to think innovatively, and explore new areas. The LSC Belgrade Staff is highly professional, well organized and polite, and was of a great help during my seven modules so far (one more to go).

Please note that I also speak from the perspective of a former successful student of a state university post-graduate programme (graduated, MrSci), and I can confirm that bureaucratic obstacles that students meet at state universities do not exist at educational institutions such as this one, and students are able to concentrate on knowledge gaining at their own pace, sharing ideas with other colleagues, working on concrete case scenarios. So, I personally prefer and strongly advocate for this type of studies.

Sasa Damjanac, MrSci
Chief of Fund Administration
OSCE Mission to Serbia

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